Malakerava coastal residents on Gizo island who were victims of the April 2 earthquake and tsunami last year are still living in tents.

They are demanding the Western province premier to give them land in Gizo town.

Families that are still living under plastic and rusted iron roofing tents in Malakerava and Babylon Camps formed a community to pursue the idea.

More than 40 signatures from adults and children were signed in a petition which expires on the eve of Christmas.

The petition demanded Premier Alex Lokopio to process a request within three weeks to the government and if there is no response from the Government, they will take further action .

They claim they have not received any help to rebuild their homes and money which government had disbursed for tsunami victims never reached them.

They say if responsible authorities do not make a response after 3 weeks they will start building houses on land which they reside on.

Source: SIBC