Some villages in the Western and Choiseul Provinces are waiting for the government to assist them rebuild their homes. Some are reportedly refusing to assist in cleaning up their villages.

National Disaster Management Office media officer Julian Maka'a says NGO groups have reported that these communities are reportedly waiting on government to rebuild the houses for them.

"These villagers need to know that we have to help each other in order to make things move faster, they all have to take up the responsibility and assist" Mr Maka'a said.

Mr Maka'a said that relief food supplies for those affected areas have stopped last month and a team from the Asian Development Bank are doing their own assessment on the damages. "In fact our team has already done our own assessment and we provided the figures" Maka'a said. "Donors saw those figures but they wanted to see for themselves so they went down to the site"

The National Disaster Management Office is continuing to coordinate the funds provided for the Tsunami victims in the Western and Choiseul provinces.

Reports reaching the NDMO through SWIM said that a number of houses were being built with local materials assisted by members of SWIM team. The NDMO is recommending the initiative by SWIM and people are asked to do the same thing to ensure things get back to normal as soon as possible.