Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) is very concerned that Solomon Islands may lose donors' support as almost 30 percent of billions of dollars spent annually for international development Projects were being diverted by corruption.

The Executive Officer, Transparency Solomon Islands, Walter Malau, in a media statement says several studies reveal that funds provided to developing countries for development projects were not usually spent accordingly and well accounted for.

He says Solomon Islands being a developing country are also one of the recipient nations of such developments funds.

However Mr Malau says there is little evidence of some of the development projects being implemented over the past few years.

He says the misappropriation of funds, creates the need to advocate against non-transparent project disbursements and reporting.

Mr Malau cites the Office of the Auditor General completed a special audit report into the National Cattle Rehabilitation Project managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development in 2009 as an example.

He says the report revealed some serious problem including the lack of proper control in the payments of project funds to the individuals and groups for the implementation of the first phase of the project.

Mr Malau therefore calls on responsible institutions to ensure that development funds are spent accordingly and beneficially or the country may lose donor support.