"Indeed our mankind in our present time is dangerously inflicted by evil, with the demonic destructive attitude of human kind, towards each other."

Governor General, Sir. Nathaniel Waena stated this during his opening remarks at the Global Peace Festival conference, on the theme 'Towards a New Paradigm of
Leadership and Good Governance.'

He however stated that the answer to peace lies in the way mankind behaves towards each other. He added that 'Real Peace' comes from the heart of each person, be he of Christian Faith, Judaism, Muslim, Non-Christian or an atheist.

He stated that with the direct involvement of youths in such activities, "this would go towards harnessing the talents of our youths, towards the process of building a society and nation."

"Our communities must live above the realms of suspicions and distrust, which form the curtain that divides the ordinary citizens' from the leaders of any community and the nation as a whole," he said.

He stated that the activities that will be taking place in Lawson Tama are the activities that are the products of togetherness, through individual and community participation in all forms of development, through the mental, spiritual and physical being.

"Peace rebuilding is a community's responsibility and a social obligation on the part of all Christians and non-Christians alike. Real peace must be in our hearts whether we are Christians or otherwise," he stressed.

He further stated that peace building is the Solomon Islander nation's business with the help of overseas friends who are genuine in helping the people of this country to live together in peace and harmony.