Two Chinese men allegedly involved in organizing a prostitution ring in the Solomon Islands continued at the Magistrate Court today.

An immigration officer, said to be a key witness for the prosecution, says that that an application for entry by one of the two Chinese women brought into the country by the accused, had shown that she was a business woman.

She told the Court that a person from another country is in breach of an entry permit if he or she entered Solomon Islands and "did something different from the stated purpose of his or her visit."

She testified that the women were sent back to China and their visas were cancelled.

The witness is among eleven others, which includes police officers and security guards who testified in the case.

The charges against the accused Zhu Jian Chun and Xiao Dong Luo include living on prostitution earnings and aiding prostitution.

The two men allegedly committed the offences last year at their residence at Panatina, Honiara, known as the "Blue House."

The court hearing continues tomorrow.