Western influence on the locals in Solomon Islands vary and this includes the current diverse trend of hairdo.

For many, their hairstyles vary according to their interest and musical icons are a great influence while for others, it's just what they feel like for the time being.

Styles in and around the capital city, Honiara, includes slicked back in a relaxed fashion, bleached, doing the 80s and 90s style, permed, mo-hawked, spikes, punk, bald, plaits or going for a rare hairdo that stands out on its own statement, Sepo Afeau told Solomon Times.

"This is especially common among our young crowd, some come up with crazy ideas just for the fun of it, going for the most unusual and extraordinary hairstyle," he said.

A young man approached, James Maedolowa, said that "cutting our hair partly half-done is just because we choose to be different".

So long as we're comfortable with our hairdo, then that's not a worry, because we cannot be too concerned about what others are thinking or saying, he adds.

He laughed off the weirdness of his style, stating that they don't mind being "center of the chuckle because we are not committing any crime but simply just having fun".