Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) will soon invite applications for the position of Executive officer. TSI has appointed Jean Tafoa as acting Executive Officer pending the appointment of a full time Executive Officer.

"Jean Tafoa comes to TSI with a strong leadership record in the field of Education and Management" stated Bob Pollard, the Chair of TSI. "This position is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to make a difference in the fight against corruption."

TSI's first Executive officer, Joses Tuhanuku, concluded 18 months with the organisation earlier this year. TSI acknowledged the leadership and initiative that Mr Tuhanuku provided in opposing corruption within the Solomon Islands Government, particularly during the term of the former government.

TSI held its Annual General Meeting in March. The board elected for this year includes one addition, that of former Attorney General Primo Afeau. Other board members include Bob Pollard, Florence Naesol, John Hauirae, Lester Soaika, Tony Hughes and Decima Regatule.

The board identified three priority areas for attention this year. These are the development of an anti-corruption alliance among concerned organizations, anti-corruption training within the Public Service and electoral reform.

TSI chair Bob Pollard states that "TSI has to be strategic in what it tries to do, facilitating an alliance of organizations, institutions and parties that have an interest in fighting corruption is central to making progress in the fight against corruption."

Anyone interested in contacting TSI may do so on Ph 28319 or email