A delegation of the Transparency Solomon Islands, TSI, have left for Bali, Indonesia, for the Transparency International Conference and Membership Meeting.

The Executive Officer and Head of Administration, Mr. Joses Tuhanuku, said the meeting will officially start tomorrow.

He said the many chapters around the world, including Solomon Islands, will be discussed in the meeting.

The annual Transparency International Meeting is organised by the Transparency International Secretary in Berlin.

Delegation of TSI is led by the Chairman, Mr. Bob Pollard, and the Director of TSI, Mr. Barry Samson.

"Each delegation that attends the meeting are there to share ideas and discuss topics on how and what to do when they go back to their respective regions," Mr. Tuhanuku said.

He adds that the meeting will give participants a lead on what to do in their respective country.

Mr. Tuhanuku stressed that such meetings will help in TSI in its fight against corruption particularly in the country.

"The Solomon Islands delegation, upon return, will continue their job on working with the people to fight against corruption in the country," he said.