A five-days Reconciliation and Unity city wide crusade started last night at the Art Gallery in Honiara.

Pastor Sakiusa Nasici from the Christian Mission Solomon Islands said the purpose of the program is "to bring our people together after all the ethnic crisis which caused a lot of fear to the people".

Solomon Times was informed that the main purpose of the program is to reconcile people to God, reconcile people to people and reconcile the worldly to God.

He added that sharing will be based on unity and the importance on why people in Honiara town need to be transformed.

"We want to change our city for Christ and every youth from every church are participating to show unity."

He said the idea of the program was jointly bonded in two months by the Christian Mission Solomon Islands and Every Home Solomon Boys.

The program is the first of its kind "and this is in light of seeing how religious activities are on the down while criminal activities are increasing".

"The program is also to bring the young people together to get closer to God and not to be too involved in the worldly things," Pr. Nasici.

He called on the public to participate "and experience 5 days of spiritual awakening, we are not here for churches but for our nation Solomon Islands".

"Jesus is the transformation of our nation so we are here to help each other, let us all work together and all be transformers for Christ," Pr. Nasici said.