The National Disaster Management Office completed its last part of trainings for the Provincial Disaster Coordinators (PDC).

Solomon Times was informed that the Exercise Management which finished last Friday concluded trainings for the Coordinators.

A graduation ceremony will take place on 15th February 2008 before the Coordinators go out to their respective provinces.

The PDCs will be required to run an exercise in their province within six months of their deployment.

The Coordinators will also focus on the review or establishment of the Provincial Disaster Plans and Emergency Operations including EOC and communication.

The training provides an opportunity to develop partnerships and networks among disaster and emergency management organizations in the country.

It is to ensure an integrated approach to the building of national capacity in disaster management and response.

The PDCs will also be evaluated for impact on the advocacy and province level coordination they achieve in working with leaders and committees at both the provincial and community levels.

The participants from the course were drawn from the newly Provincial Disaster Coordinators, various Government Ministries and the Solomon Islands Red Cross.