The Community Sector Programme (CSP) is currently running a 5-days training for Zion youths at the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT).

The facilitator for the training, Ms. Freda Folasi, said that this is part of a community-based level programme to train certain representatives and later allow them to go into their own community to help their youths.

She said that the action plan is quite big and part of it is the eventual formation of a Community Development Committee (CDC) to spearhead training in the Zion community.

"The training will also determine where governmental organisation can come in, NGOs, and other stakeholders on its annual plan if there is sustainability in the communities," said Ms Folasi.

She said that the main reason for the training is so community representatives may be well-equipped to go and train others in the community in their skills and know-how.

"We have a lot of resources but we do not know how to develop them, so we rely on overseas company to build and develop while we just wait on them," Ms. Folasi said.

"The CSP-organised training is basically to identify building capacity, identify resources and more ownership on developments," she added.

Ms. Folasi said that the training is the first of its kind and although there is little understanding, "if they go into practice, then they will understand everything about the training."

One participant, Ms. Rina, said that the training has given them the opportunity to participate, learn new ideas on how to look after communities, community plans and inclusive working together.

The CSP-organised program will also be taken to the 9 main provinces in the Solomon Islands, all funded by AusAID.