An "Emergency Operation Centers Trainings for Instructors" workshop will help build participants in disaster management.

The workshop is part of a series of trainings organised by the National Disaster Management Office and funded by USAid, AusAID, Asia Foundation and SOPAC.

A total of 18 participants are attending the workshop.

In an interview with the Solomon Times, one of the participants, Mr. Chris Neo, said the training was to learn more about how to handle situations when disaster strikes, and how to approach people in times of disaster.

Mr. Neo adds that the training will help build his confidence to go out to the provinces to help during disaster.

Another participant, Mr. McQueen Sauhonu, echoed similar sentiment on how the training not only gives him confidence to go out and help in times of disaster, but it is also challenging.

He said following the training, participants will be sent to different provinces to provide assistance to the disaster areas.

"What we are learning will make it easier for us to help in any way we can when we are out on field work," he adds.

Mr. Sauhonu will be sent to other provinces as Provincial Disaster Coordinator to monitor disaster and what they need when disaster takes place.

"Information collected in the provinces will be reported back to the National Disaster Management Office, and participants will form a committee to report on disasters that are happening in the provinces," he explained.

Participants will leave for their first field work in December in the provinces.