"Next month Police from the Kukum traffic unit will start an operational check to make sure drivers follow safety road rules to avoid any further road accidents during this festive season."

These were the words of Inspector Albert Samani of the Kukum Traffic Unit.
He continued to say that the operation is an ongoing one with intentions to enforce traffic law and not to find faults in drivers.

Inspector Samani revealed that in the last month road accidents have increased and the number of death tolls stands at fifteen, all of which are results from careless drivers and pedestrians, under the influence of alcohol.

Mr. Samani added that drivers need to be cautious when driving on the road "and must not drive under the influence of alcohol because lives of passengers are in their hands."

"It is not the vehicle that causes the accident, rather it is the driver..often pure carelessness," says the inspector.

Therefore, he urges drivers and pedestrians to take the time to know the traffic rules and them to avoid particularly in this festive season.

Inspector Samani also revealed that other contributing factors to the rise in accidents are the poor lightings on the streets and the tall palms planted in the middle of the road. "These issues are currently being discussed with the Beautification Committee and other relevant authorities," says Inspector Samani.