A joint one week educational operation is currently held in Honiara by the Kukum Traffic police and the Community policing under the Solomon Islands Police Force.

Speaking with Solomon Times was Superintendent Albert Samani, Director of the Kukum Traffic Police, who mentioned that the operation is mainly an educational awareness for vehicle owners and pedestrians.

"We want to see vehicle drivers using the roads in the right way, park where they should park and for the pedestrians to cross the roads at the right places, "he said.

Police officers are currently standing at busy bus stops along the town where public buses usually stop at wrong places and take off when they want to.

Police officers are also stationed along the roads to watch and pedestrians cross the roads properly, especially that at the Central Market where pedestrians usually dash across the road at their own will.

With officers stationed at these places the Superintendent hopes that road users could be more careful and also seek the help of the officers when needed and also see the benefit of this exercise.

He mentioned that the operation was in response to the high traffic accidents in the country. Last month, the number of traffic accidents stood at 17 rather than the usual ten in previous months.

"Vehicle owners and pedestrians would be corrected when they use the road wrongly and hopefully they will use the roads carefully next time," says the Superintendent.

Solomon Times spoke to some officers on the road who pointed out that the first day was quite good as public transport drivers have been following the rules, "but then again it all depends, as we are stationed out here and the drivers tend to drive carefully."