The Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIP) Kukum Traffic Centre is currently working on a traffic campaign for vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Director of Kukum Traffic Centre, Superintendent Albert Samani, said the awareness program will be for all road users.

"The awareness program is designed mainly for the safety of the people and it is very important that everyone should work together," Supt. Samani told a press conference.

He warned that drivers will be the focus of the program to increase their awareness on road safety.

Supt. Samani adds that with more vehicles on the road of Honiara, "there is increased traffic at all times".

He told the media that, in 2008, there were an extra 1,396 new vehicles registrations and a total of over 10,000 registered vehicles in the Solomon Islands.

Supt. Samani said there were 239 traffic accidents recorded last year alone, of which 14were fatal accidents resulting in 16 deaths.

"Most of the accidents were by people who drove under the influence of alcohol".

Supt. Samani said that with the high number of accidents and fatalities, officers from the Traffic Centre do not want to see the same statistic for 2009.

He said that in order to ensure road safety, it is the responsibility of drivers to make sure they follow all the road rules.

"Responsible driving and following road rules will help to stop rise of accidents and deaths on our roads".

He reminded the public that vehicles used should be in road worthy condition and all drivers have their license valid.

"If police find anyone who is driving without a legal license, or not following road rules, they will be arrested."