Trade show fever is still on the high for Solomon Islanders who have flocked the capital city to be part of all the celebrations.

For so many, the fortnight-long show gives them the opportunity to catch up and meet up with friends and family.

Stalls vary from government houses to small business groups who give the public the chance to understand what they all have to offer.

Strolling through the spread out show grounds can be tiring and taking a nap under the shade is often an option.

Solomon Times caught up with a man enjoying a good snooze under a tent while what is meant to be important educational talks takes place on stage.

He was only up when hearing loud music thinking it is live band performance but only went back to sleep disappointed because it was just music being played on the PA system.

Asked if there was any other reason apart from live band performance to being at the show grounds, the disappointed young man said he is only in for the music and was heading back home to wait for another day.