The police have issued a strong warning against toying with replica guns after an incident involving a combined patrol of police and RAMSI Military contingent.

SIBC reported that a replica firearm, with a red dot laser pointer attached, was aimed at members of the patrol. Police reports stated that had it not been for the restraint and professionalism of the police and RAMSI shots could have been fired. A 16 year old boy was spoken to about the incident, but no charges have been laid.

This is the second such incident in the past two weeks. The first happened along Vura Road on May 11 as a patrol was operating in the area.

Police state that there's a real danger that bystanders or police will mistake a toy gun for a real one. This creates a dangerous situation in which officers could easily believe they were going to be fired upon.

Assistant Commissioner Operations Jackson Ofu reiterated that such seemingly innocent toys are extremely dangerous and could lead to serious injury or even death.

Assistant Commissioner Ofu urges parents to take guns away from their children. He also warned shop-owners that it is an offence to sell toy or replica firearms.