Tourism is a potential strong economical backbone for the Solomon Islands.

A representative of the tourism village on the show grounds, Jonathan Taisia said that set up of allocated grounds for different sectors was a very good idea.

"The venue is great because it gives us a great opportunity to promote local tourism not just to visitors in the country but also to the locals," Mr. Taisia said.

Based on the theme "Tourism hem business blo iumi everyone", the village gives all different provinces the opportunity to showcase not just artifacts but also their cultural dances.

"We have been doing a lot of training and using as much resources to help promote and improve the locals in the tourism industry," Mr. Taisia said.

Solomon Times was informed that the government is doing more training for the people in the rural urban setting.

"From the survey done in the past years, income generated for the government in the tourism sector has increased and there is a possibility that the tourism industry can be the backbone of the government's revenue," said Mr. Taisia.

He said that the tourism industry given strong support can improve "because Solomon Islands is very unique given its diverse in culture".