Tongs Corporation has donated Protective Personal Equipment’s (PPE’s) to help protect front line workers at the Camp Management Sector who are taking care of returnees in the Quarantine Stations.

Tongs delivered a total of 3000 3-ply facemasks and 4000 hand sanitisers at National Disaster Management Office, Ranadi.

The timely donation also marks the first private company to directly donate and provide free of charge storage facility towards the Camp Management Sector of the National Disaster Council COVID-19 response coordination mechanism.

Tongs Executive Director, Kenny Tong, said that the donation shows their support and social obligation to help the Government's COVID-19 response.

Tongs General Manager, Joe Sika, adds that they will continue to provide PPE’s and other form of support in the coming months.

Camp Manager, Karl Kuper thanked Tongs for their support towards front-liners who are taking care of nationals who were repatriated and kept in the Quarantine Stations.

He said the PPE’s will be stored and used by Camp Management and Health and Medical trained personnel’s who does monitoring and attend to the persons undergoing the mandatory 14-days quarantine period.

Director of National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Loti Yates also took the opportunity to extend the governments’ appreciation towards Tongs for providing free storage facility at Henderson.

Tongs warehouse has been used by NDMO for the past four months purposely to store household items; cleaning amenities, personal hygiene kits etc which have been procured and resourced into the quarantine stations for each batch of repatriation flights.

“We are very thankful for free use of the warehouse facility.

“Such assistance during these pandemic eases financial constraints and help authorities to discharge their duties accordingly to ensure safety for all citizen,” Mr Yates said.

Distribution Manager of National Medical Store, Garnet Wate said that the donated PPE’s will augment supply stock reserved for front line workers’ use.

The handover was witnessed by staffs of NDMO, Camp Management and National Medical Store.

Donor partners, NGO’s and Civil Society groups has also been supportive towards the camp management sector since the country declared the State of Public Emergency on the March 25th.

Source: NDC