Competition will make Our Telekom Company work "harder, smarter and efficient in providing services to the people of Solomon Islands."

The Chief Executive Officer of Our Telekom, Loyly Ngira, made the comment in light of government's decision to surrender the company's 15 years exclusive license.

"To have a competitor is to change the way business is being undertaken in this particular area, and it will be quite challenging but Our Telekom will do its best."

The Solomon Islands Government is expected to pay up some $80m to Our Telekom, as had been settled and agreed by both parties during the negotiation.

"The actual payment will depend on the government, whether or not to pay upfront, but this will depend on how the Government is coping with the effects of the current financial crisis," Mr. Ngira said.

He said the company over the past five years gave "a lot of money" to the government and expanded its services to Solomon Islands, especially to the provinces.

"Our Telekom will continue to provide efficient and best service to its customers because Our Telekom belongs to the people of Solomon Islands."

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