With the live coverage of the FIFA Futsal World Cup, many young Futsal fans are watching their heroes in the comfort of their homes.

Solomon Times met up with a group of boys, talking about Kurukuru's game against Cuba.

Speaking with a young man, Mr. Alex Junior said that it is an excellent initiative to have all the games beamed live to every home in Honiara.

Junior emphasized that watching the games live on television "brings the Futsal World Cup closer to us...although it is in Brazil."

"I have heard the same positive comments from many of my friends...it is good, especially when this is our first time to participate in the FIFA Futsal World Cup," he told Solomon Times.

Junior said that people should not be too disheartened with the 10-2 scoreline as, "this is their first appearance in the tournament...they will learn and improve, and they are a very young side...I have a lot of confidence in them."