Our Telekom Breeze GSM Mobile rural expansion has now reached many parts of the different provinces in the country.

While the majority in the capital Honiara wait eagerly for the set-up of Digicel to open doors for monopoly to take place, most in the provinces are happy to have Our Telekom breeze mobile services.

"While town citizens of the Solomon Islands underestimates the extension of Breeze GSM mobile to the provinces, it has never been better to have such operation in the provinces especially with mobile phones," says Berry Osi from the Choiseul Province.

He adds that while Our Telekom had started late in the new technologies with regards to mobile phones, the service has fast spread to provinces for all to enjoy.

Speaking on the same wavelength, Janet Ini said that locals need to give thumbs up to Our Telekom for overcoming a lot of pressing issues and for producing satisfying achievements that benefits not just those in the capital but also in the rural.

"Never did I dream that mobile phones would be so handy outside of the capital, Honiara and I give Our Telekom thumbs up for helping me to enjoy connecting with relatives in the provinces through use of mobile phones," Mrs. Ini added.

A Telekom officer approached said that mobile phone usage is becoming very popular in the rural areas and "we are very happy with this new development and very proud of ourselves".

Meanwhile, Our Telekom continues its Breeze GSM mobile service expansion this year by launching in Lata in June, Kirakira in July, Buala in August and now in Taro.

Solomon Times understands that mobile services will further expand in Seghe in the Western Province, Kia in Isabel Province and Afio in Malaita Province.