The Ministry of Health and Medical Services today confirmed three persons are being investigated for possible suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

One suspected sample has been taken and sent on Tuesday (Yesterday) and arrived in Australia today (Wednesday).

In addition two (2) more samples were taken and will be sent tomorrow (Thursday), giving us a total of 3 suspected samples. It may take up to five (5) days before we can receive any results.

Furthermore one of the suspected person was presented at a clinic in Honiara and was immediately referred to the Triage Centre, NRH.

The clinic was immediately closed for disinfection and cleaning. Clinic staff who attended the suspected person are now quarantined as part of the standard operational procedures.

Alternatively patients in and around the closed clinic should go to their next nearby clinics.

The public is reminded that the COVID-19 is spread through droplets from an infected person via cough and sneezing, therefore we are all urged to continue practicing of health hygiene practices such as covering mouth when coughing and sneezing, stay away from overcrowded areas, and keep their social distance at least 1 metre apart.

Source: MHMS


For more information and update contact our EOC on toll free #115, or 25256. For media queries contact Dian Maggie Row on email; or call 25205 or mob: 7489241.