With the vast majority of the country’s population residing in the provinces, strengthening and improving provincial health capacity and capability to provide effective, efficient and safe services to the people remains top of health agenda.

From budgeting, distribution plans to every single efforts to mobilize funds, resources and equipment for health are centred on the need to ensure that the provincial health capacity and capability continues to improve.

Though challenging and many a times under criticism, the Ministry remains committed and determined to continue to push limited resources to where they are mostly needed to maximize gains for the people across the provinces and within the islands.

Today, the Ministry of Health is once again pleased to procure and ready to ship, three more Toyota 3-tonne trucks to Central Islands, Makira and Temotu Provinces to primarily support safe disposal of wastes and other transport needs.

In October last year (2021), the Ministry also deployed four 3 tonne trucks, for the same purpose, waste disposal to Isabel, Malaita, Western and Honiara City Council.

“Many thanks to the World Bank 40 million dollar SBD provided last year to support health’s preparedness and response to COVID-19 which has enabled the Ministry to procure these vehicles”, said Health Permanent Secretary Mrs. Pauline McNeil.

Mrs McNeil who has been touring some of the provinces last year for vaccine roll out highlighted that the procurement of these vehicles are part and parcel of the National Ministry in responding to the many needs raised by our provincial teams.

“For this particular support, health care waste that is not properly disposed of can cause injury and the spread of infectious diseases, therefore ensuring that they are disposed safely is critical toward protecting the health and lives of our people. This is even more important with the COVID-19 virus that is highly infectious meaning any wastes from COVID-19 related healthcare activities presents serious risks of spreading to the communities”, explained Mrs. McNeil.

She assured of continuous support by the National Ministry of Health to provincial health teams including Honiara City Council throughout 2022 to ensure that the health and well-being of our people in the provinces is preserved and enhanced as much as possible, especially with the current COVID-19 threat that still remains a grave concern for health.

Source: MHMS Media