People who are severely ill while undergoing home isolation are advised to seek urgent medical attention at the National Referral hospital.

Health and Medical Services Minister, Dr. Culwick Togamana made the call on Monday in his daily covid-19 update.

He said many home-isolated patients may need oxygen at some stage.

The health Minister noted that regular oxygen saturation level checks on current patients at the NRH showed that there is increased need for oxygen as many who appear to need oxygen actually need oxygen support.

This medical condition is called Hypoxia which is very serious and can lead to fainting or sudden collapse.

“I have been requested to issue a strong call to anyone at home who starts to feel weak or dizzy after days of fever must not wait but to seek urgent and immediate medical help at the Hospital.” Minister Togamana said.

The Ministry of Health this week procured additional 100 oxygen units that are prepositioned at the National Medical Store for distribution to NRH and Provincial hospitals and health clinics. In addition, a further 400 oxygen units have also been secured.

Meanwhile, the AUSMAT team from Australia is currently providing advice and recommendations to NRH staff including health workers in the Provinces via zoom mainly for COVID-19 patient management.

They are also assisting in the NRH planning for its new normal Business Continuity Plan (BCP), from services to logistics and work flow, due to the new additional COVID ward.

Assistance has also been rendered towards dead body management and purchase of urgent medical equipment for the Central Field Hospital.

“I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Government and people of Australia for the substantial support to the Ministry,” Minister Togamana said.

Source: GCU