She is a modern-day princess but of a different kind.

She was named Princess Tang’ile at birth, and today she is one the biggest reseller at the central market in Honiara. A reseller, she says, bulk buys fruits and vegetables from farmers – and resells them. Princess Tang’ile said although she is a reseller, she is a natural born farmer, having been raised in her home village of Tau, Northeast Guadalcanal.

“We all benefit, so the farmer has a confirmed buyer every time they come to the market, and we the resellers have a good steady supply of fruits and vegetables.

“So, we make good profit every day, like I make between $3,000 to $5,000 each day and the profit are good. For example, I buy a tray of tomatoes for $200 from the farmers, and I make close to $1,000 from the same tray,” Princess Tang’ile said, beaming with pride.

She said the success did not come overnight, it took many years for her to build her own network and trust amongst farmers and build a loyal customer base.

“I can tell you it took me almost 20 years to be where I am today. I just know that everything you need to do it with a smile, and always have faith that things will be better.

“What really pushed me to be a reseller was when my husband left me and my three children, I was very young with no education or training. My children were also very young, but one of my aunties just encouraged me, to be strong and look for ways to support myself and my children.

“I discovered reselling by accident, I was just at the market, and I saw people crowded around a truck and a lot of screaming and noise, I was curious, so I walked up and had a look – that was my first exposure to the life of resellers,” she said.

Princess Tang’ile said she is proud that she has been able to put her children through school and says she will continue to support them until they reach University.

“I want them to have a better life, so I will push and work hard everyday to support them, to be somebody, to have a good job and a good life.”