Temotu Province is gearing up for trade link talks with Vanuatu, scheduled to take place in Port Villa later this month.

Speaking to SIBC news Member of Temotu's provincial assembly Edwin Meibu says that the province has "longed to expand its revenue base with the rich resources and cultures it has."

He says not until the Minister for Culture and Tourism, Samuel Manetoali visited their province, that they held discussions to establish a trade link with Vanuatu.

Mr Meibu says that expanding the province's revenue base is important since the population of Temotu province "has risen significantly and the government's yearly budget support is very low."

Meanwhile Stanley Tehi, who will also be accompanying the delegation to Vanuatu, says Temotu province has a lot to offer.

"Our marine resources are definitely one of the main selling points for Temotu."

Mr Tehi also says that Temotu province has a lot of historical sites and diverse cultures that could attract tourists coming in through Vanuatu.