A year after an 8.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami swept through the Solomon Islands’ remotest area, World Vision continues to assist people in the most affected communities.

World Vision has helped more than 6,500 people, in the immediate aftermath of the disaster and through on-going projects, on Santa Cruz Island in the eastern province of Temotu.

World Vision has implemented relief and long term recovery projects to help families get their lives back to normal. Projects focus on children’s development and protection, providing access to clean water and improving hygiene practices, and establishing an Emergency Radio project to assist with sharing relevant recovery information.

As part of the Government of Solomon Islands’ Humanitarian Action Plan, World Vision was appointed by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to co-ordinate the procurement and shipment of food, water and essential items to Temotu. World Vision distributed relief items to more than 3,600 people (600 households) in 85 communities affected by the disaster, during a two month period. Food, water, shelter kits, kitchen kits, hygiene and sanitation supplies, baby kits and clothes were distributed.

“The NDMO is grateful to World Vision for their quick response to the disaster, their hard work with the distribution of essential items and their on-going support for communities affected by the tsunami,” said Loti Yates, Director NDMO.

More than 6,000 people were affected and 23 communities were substantially damaged following the disaster on 6 February 2013. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami damaged housing, water sources and systems, health clinics, schools, roads, wharves, food gardens and other means of livelihoods such as fishing equipment.

Temotu Province is the most remote province in Solomon Islands and is particularly vulnerable to disasters, which is compounded by its isolation from the rest of the country. World Vision ran disaster preparedness workshops with communities, as part of its Disaster Risk Reduction project.

Temotu Premier, Father Charles Brown Beu, expressed his appreciation for the work World Vision has done to assist the province recover and rebuild.

“I wish to acknowledge and thank World Vision for their contributions, as mandated by the NDMO, in terms of the distribution of non-food items in the first phase of the recovery. And I wish to say that World Vision is here to stay and that we can continue to work together in the socio-economic development of Temotu Province,” said Father Beu.

World Vision’s response was supported by the generosity of donors, who gave approximately USD $800,000 to support its relief efforts.

“Recovery work will finish up by the end of 2014, with the completion of a water supply and sanitation project. However, long-term development projects will continue in the province, with World Vision’s commitment to the people of Temotu spanning at least 15 years,” said Dr. Andrew Catford, National Director, World Vision Solomon Islands.


Source: Press Release, World Vision Solomon Islands