Pele culture dancers from the Temotu Pele have made a come back show after their performance in the 1996 independence celebration.

Speaking to Solomon Times, group dance leader Jericho Pome said that most of their dances displayed were done in the heathen days to their gods when making sacrifices and offerings to them.

"One example is when our people in the heathen want firewood, they perform a ritual dance to ask the gods for a tree that would produce them wood for fire," he said.

Mr. Pome explained that the province has three groups "so what was displayed are from the reef islands".

He said that one dance displayed was the "lulumo dance that is commonly performed by our warriors in the past".

"Jumping from side to side is making imaginary waves," Mr. Pome explained.

He said that it was their second performance and it is a pride for them to display their culture.

"We are very proud to perform our cultural dances in front of a huge crowd because it is good promotion of who we are in this nation," Mr. Pome said.