Rennell-Bellona Province is among provinces earmarked for installation of telecommunication services, the project a first of its kind for the province.

Our Telekom will soon provide telecommunication services to Rennell-Bellona provincial capital, Tigoa, following its acquisition and registration of a land to build an office and to accommodate the necessary equipment to deliver services.

The project estimated to cost three-million dollars will include mobile, fixed GSM, public fixed GSM payphones and internet services when fully operational, all of which are expected to be operational by April 2008.

This is part of Our Telekom's on-going roll out of rural development projects nationwide, which now has rural operations in Auki, Buala, Gizo, Kirakira, Munda, Noro, Lata, Taro, Tulagi, Atoifi, Tetere and Malu'u.