The Day 2 Match of week one in the Telekom S League season 2022/2023, round one had seen three matches played at Lawson Tama Stadium.

Real Kakamora FC and FC Isabel United taking on the pitch at 12 noon as both teams started off with a drive to secure an opening goal.

FC Isabel United Richard Gore a new face to the team strike in a beautiful goal to give them a lead until a late goal from Colman Makau of Real Kakamora FC in the four minutes of extra time before the half time whistle blows to level the score-line at one all.

The Kakamora side came back putting pressure to the young FC Isabel United side and in the 62’ minutes of the second half Colman Makau finds another goal behind the net to put his Kakamora side two goals lead against FC Isabel United.

Into the seventy-eight minutes of the game, Kakamora finds another goal from Lawrence Moli to secure a 3-1 lead against FC Isabel United. At full-time Real Kakamora FC registered their first 3 points after defeating FC Isabel United.

Marist FC and Southern United FC taking on the pitch in the 2pm match this afternoon with both teams also looking to register their 3 points. Marist FC with their fast pace of game style did have many chances to take the lead in the first half but could not able to execute those chances well. In the 25’ minutes into the first half Jerry Allan Jnr of Marist FC manage to see through the Southern United FC defense line and place the ball in the far corner of the goal mouth to put his side a goal lead against Southern United FC.

Both teams came back regrouping in the second half with few golden chances from Marist FC but a well defending from Southern United FC could not allow them to register any goal in the second half. At full-time the score-line locked at 1-0 as Marist FC claim their first 3 points after defeating Southern United FC in the 2pm match.

The main match of day 2 have seen a very entertaining match between Laugu Untied FC and Waneagu United FC. The match started off with a roaring crowd of supporters cheering behind the both teams. Into the 17’ minutes of first half Laugu United FC finds a goal behind the net by Dickson Magi to put his side up front. A cross ball from the far corner of the field by Atana Fa’arodo see’s it through the net to allow Waneagu level the score at half time.

Going into the second half Waneagu Untied putting more pressure on Laugu United FC who were one man down from a red card and trying to maintain their defense line to avoid any chances from the driving pressure by the Waneagu side. The 10 men side of Laugu United FC keeping their defense in tacked and came out defeating the Waneagu side following a brilliant corner kick by Danstan Kwanafia and found Moffat Kilifa who put the ball straight into the goal mouth to put Laugu United FC 2-1 ahead of Waneagu United FC at full-time.

The Telekom S League season 2022/2023 will continue again this coming weekend with more entertaining matches to feature in the round one of match week 2 at Lawson Tama Stadium. 

Source: Telekom S League