Solomon Islands will, in 2010, have a new competitor in the telecommunication sector.

Announcing this during the Independence celebrations in Honiara Tuesday, Prime Minister Derek Sikua said that his government had successfully negotiated with the Solomon Telekom for the liberalisation of the telecommunication sector.

Dr. Sikua said the new telecommunication competitor will be his government's present to the people of the country.

He acknowledged that Our Telekom is also increasing its coverage network throughout the country, which enables people to have easy access both on the use of the mobile and the Internet.

"The 50 percent drop in the rate charged by Our Telekom, which commences this month, is the result of my government's move to open up the market. We thank donor partners, Our Telekom and officials who laboured hard to give effect to our policy promises in this sector."

It is understood that the Irish telecommunication company Digicel had expressed interest in investing in Solomon Islands.

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