Telecommunication Commissioner says the Commission is pleased with Be-mobile's launch and hopes that it will perform well in the telecommunication market.

Commissioner Nicholas William however says that they are currently looking into Be-mobile's requirement of 25 percent coverage of population stated under the licence.

While it is common in a Duopoly market structure for two firms supplying similar goods and service to merge into a cartel the Commissioner says he will be watching closely.

"I am not expecting it, but I don't believe for one moment that I am not keeping an eye on it. That is the biggest concern that I have in this market. It's a valid point to query how competitive the market structure is even with the introduction of Be-mobile. So far we have seen very positive signs, very positive indeed. That doesn't mean it will last that is why we have a regulator to review such matter."

Mr Williams also says that if these two decide to share towers then it is up to them but that will not affect how they compete with each other.

He says as long as people are getting quality communication services at affordable prices then the commission will not interfere into the market.

Meanwhile, he said that the commission is not planning to regulate anything yet but is more focused on opening up the market and clearing any barriers for a third communication company to enter into the market.