Public servants were left in shock last Thursday after discovering that their salaries were either drastically deducted or reduced to zero.

Reports reaching SIBC News state that the salary chaos may have been caused by a newly introduced payroll software.

Finance payroll officers had reportedly made errors with their data input for the payroll software which had caused some public servants to receive as much as only nine dollars in their accounts, while some had zero balances in last week's public servant's payday.

Other reports say permanent secretaries of the government ministries had held a meeting late Friday afternoon and a RAMSI female advisor had to be flown in from Australia to correct the errors with the payroll software.

The public servant salaries mishap had prompted the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union (SIPEU) to call on the government to quickly rectify the situation.

SIPEU says it is important that government resolved the problem quickly as it is that time of the year where school fees and other school requirements need to be sorted out.

Meanwhile, the Public Service Permanent Secretary Ishmael Avui had issued a statement following the incident to clarify what had happened.

Mr. Avui says the problems with public servants salaries were caused by a computer error.

He says Ministry of Finance has dealt with the situation and public servants will receive their full salaries today.