A combined rapid assessment of Guadalcanal Plains by representatives of the Province, the National Disaster Management Office and Solomon Islands Red Cross to the flood stricken areas of Guadalcanal last Saturday has led to immediate recommendations.

The team, headed by Guadalcanal Province's Disaster Coordinator, Marx Lua, assessed the Matepono, Balasuna, Berande and Komukama rivers of Guadalcanal Plains areas and recommended immediate agricultural assessments, temporary medical monitoring centres and continuous warnings about the current wet weather.

He stated that gardens in areas that are being visited were inundated with flood water and there's lack of hope that there will be any food in the coming weeks.

His team has strongly recommended that agricultural assessments to determine how much food is still available and what alternatives communities will need ought to be carried out as soon as possible.

"Medical authorities too need to look at establishing temporary emergency situation monitoring centres to prevent any major outbreaks of diseases and need to assess the impacts of the floods on clinics in the area including what referrals may have been made to Aola, New Tenabuti, Grove and other Rural Health Centres."

Mr. Lua also said the Disaster Management Office needs to provide transport for another assessment team to travel to Aola, Rere, Kombito, Longgu, Monga and Bokokimbo rivers for another rapid assessment.

Mr. Lua says that the best possible option is by Outboard Motor canoe as some of the rivers may have washed away bridges.

He suggests that this assessment team should include damage assessors as well as agriculture and medical personnel.