A senior teacher is facing a charge of count of common assault on one of his student on the 9th of October, 2008.

Christopher Asipara, who is the acting Principal of the state-owned King George VI National Secondary School, appeared at the Magistrate Court early this week for allegedly assaulting the student.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Mr. Asipara said that the student was fighting his classmate "so I had to grab one and did not punch or beat him up as claimed".

"He was breaking school properties, smashing dormitory louvers and as a teacher, I was in a position to put a stop to what he was and a little discipline wouldn't hurt."

He said that the respect from students is a far cry these days.

Mr. Asipara said the problem had been resolved following talks with the student's parents over the incident.

Meanwhile, prosecution lawyer has asked for disclosure on the case.

Magistrate Esther Leapitui in adjourning the matter for January 19th asked the prosecutor to make sure that disclosures are given to the defence before the next mention date.