The country's new Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo says taxation issues will top the list of priorities for the Ministry this term.

Speaking to SIBC News after his swearing in as Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo says direct and indirect taxation is the government's primary revenue.

"We now have to move out of service fees or licence fees to more on tax that are computed on the values of resources owned and produced out of Solomon Islands so that we see the real values of those resources invested back in Solomon Islands. And also brought in or earned for the interest of our country."

Meanwhile, critics have said the new government is going in with a budget less than the usual amount previous governments have entered office with.

Responding to this, the new Finance Minister says he will have to consult officials and check the books before making a statement on the issue.

He however says the most important thing as Finance Minister is to first see the status of the country's spending and revenue.