The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) student volunteer group provided more than four thousand dollars ($4,038.50) yesterday to help complete the 2009 North Malaita Soccer and Netball League at Malu'u.

According to TARD Project Coordinator Mr Exsley Taloiburi, the funds were transferred to the Malu'u Football League Chairman Jimmy Tonowane in response to a proposal submitted to TARD by the league committee.

Taloiburi says the funds are intended to support the league committee with the administration and prizes for soccer and netball league.

The 2009 sports league at Malu'u which is a voluntary initiative by the North Malaita Sports Association was started early this year, but had to be placed on hold due to the recent Malaita Cup in Auki and lack of financial support.

Mr Taloiburi adds that it is TARD's desire that its latest financial support will enable the league committee to revive the league games, which in turn will engage the rural youths of North Malaita in sports rather than resorting to illegal activities.
With the latest funding support, the sports league is now expected to be completed by late November.

TARD has been very instrumental in organising Christmas Games and sports coaching workshop for North Malaita youths over the last four years since 2006. Recently, the student group supported the North Malaita School Sports Carnival held in September at Walo School. In December, TARD will also organise the 2009 North Malaita Christmas Games, a sporting initiative in its fourth consecutive year.

Mr Taloiburi says all of these activities were made possible through generous project funding from the Australian Government under the Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) 2008-2009 projects.