The Shortland Islands Constituency are proud new owners of a new cargo boat, ideal for sea travel between Shortlands and Honiara.

The Bikoi 2 arrived on Saturday 1st of March and is now headed for Shortlands for an official inauguration ceremony.

Speaking with the Member for Shortland Constituency, Mr. Augustine Taneko said that the ship was bought from Japan.

"We have made the arrangements for the new ship since June last year and it took almost a year, we spent SBD$2.8 million for the ship and it is the whole costs including the fuel and everything," said Mr. Taneko.

Mr. Taneko said that the new boat would be used to carry cargo as it specially built to carry cargoes. "This would be a great help to the people of Shortland" said Taneko.

He told the media that it will not only help the people of his constituency, but if need arises from other province, they will be there to help in transportation.

Mr. Taneko said that helping other provinces is important given the isolation of many of the Island communities in the Solomon Islands. "We must work together and help each other," added Mr. Augustine Taneko.