A Chief elder of Tamboko in North West Guadalcanal is calling on betel nut buyers to respect his community.

Chief Ludovick Kaulake says that with the current shortage caused by the recent torrential weather people are flocking to his area, many not respectful of community protocols.

“Many are coming every day, and I see them just come and go into the bush area, some even go into our farming area which is very disrespectful.

“This attitude is against our village rules and culture. Full loaded vehicles and people just come in anytime they wish, I want this attitude to stop,” Chief Kaulake said.

Mr Kaulake also explained that his community has in place COVID-19 measures that had been imposed when the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in one of the quarantine stations in Honiara.

He says part of the measures imposed are restrictions on the amount of people that come into their community, especially those that are not from the area.

“These COVID-19 measures were in place since last year, and we want to maintain it. But we have seen people who are not from the area starting to ignore and not respect it. I think maybe we might start imposing penalties if they continue to do it.”

Mr Kaulake urges Honiara betelnut vendors to consider community rules and regulations before they go out to various communities and village on Guadalcanal looking to purchase betelnut.