In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tamboko community has put in place measures to safe guard its people.

Tamboko on North West Guadalcanal has placed some strict rules as a way to curb the spread of COVID-19 should it reach Guadalcanal.

The measure includes ban on movement of people to and from the community. The rules will apply to both community members and family members residing outside of Tamboko.

Chief Ludovick Kaulake said this restriction will be in conjunction with the State of Emergency imposed by the national government.

"We will use our culture and norms to charge people who do not comply with the rules that had been placed. We want everyone to follow the rules in place”, Kaulake said. He said traveling of people to Honiara will be strictly monitored.

Chief Kaulake said unless people have very important reasons then they can travel to Honiara. He said vendors will only be allowed certain days in the week to frequent Honiara Central Market.

"Allowing people going out and coming in our community will be strict and we discourage movement of people. People coming into our community should let us know the reason of their visit. We will also allocate visiting hours for family members wishing to see their relative in the community”, Kaulake said.

He said people living in town should not go to Tamboko seeking refuge from COVID-19.

Kaulake said a task force committee was established by the community. The committee’s work is to enforce the rules. He said anyone not complying with the rules in place will be dealt with severly.

The community in Tamboko are slowly adapting to this change.

Solomon Islands still have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 but Tamboko community are not taking any chances.