There is an increase in diarrhea cases at the National Referral and the Good Samaritan Hospital.

The Ministry of Health is urging parents to monitor their children since most cases are amongst children below 5 years old.

“While no deaths have been reported from the cases presented at NRH and GSH, the risk to the health and lives of our children is of concern with such increases in diarrhea cases in our communities.

“With the current heavy rain warning in place, parents and guardians are urged to monitor their children prohibiting them from playing in muds, pools of water, water from the drains around the homes and neighbourhood, as this can be exciting for kids to play in,” the Ministry of Health said in a prepared statement.

They say laboratory tests are being done to determine the bacterial or viral cause of the current diarrhoea cases, and are calling on parents to ensure that their babies get 2 doses of Rotavirus vaccines at 6 and 10 weeks of age.

“Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea among infants and young children. All our health clinics have the vaccines available therefore check immunization schedule of your babies to ensure they get the vaccine,” the Health Ministry said.

The rotavirus was first detected in 2014 during the diarrhea outbreak along the Guadalcanal plains and Honiara in the aftermath of the April flash flooding.

Sadly, the virus had resulted in 27 recorded deaths, most of whom were infants and young children. More than 6 thousand cases of severe diarrhea and dehydration were reported across the country at that time.

Families are encouraged to closely monitor their babies and young children for the following signs and symptoms;

1. vomiting,
2. increased fever,
3. blood and/or mucus in stool,
4. nausea,
5. dry mouth and eyes,
6. no tears when crying,
7. no wet diapers for three hours,

Families are urged to visit their nearest health clinic or the hospital if symptoms persist.

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