A trade fair displaying various Taiwanese products was opened yesterday at the Mendana Kitano Hotel by His Excellency, George Chan and Honorable Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare.

The fair, which displays both technological and agricultural products of Taiwan, is show casing high-tech products that truly reflect the status of Taiwan as a major high-tech producer.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador George Chan reminds Solomon Islanders of Taiwan's great effort to become a modern country with high-tech enterprises. He said in the 1940s, Taiwan was an agriculture-based society just like Solomon Islands but with the hard-working spirits of the people and international development assistance poured in during the 1950s - 60s, Taiwan has achieved rapid economic growth.

The Ambassador told guests that Taiwan's experience could be a good example for the developing world, including Solomon Islands. He then challenges Solomon Islands that if Taiwan can do it, Solomon Islands certainly can do it, too. The Ambassador then joined a host of many other international voices calling for land reform and incentives for investors to come here.

"In the globalizing world, trade and investment are without boundaries. Poverty is always the cause of evils, and the best way to get rid of poverty is to trade more and invest more, so as to create more jobs and make more money."

The entrance to the fair is free and schools and other organization are welcomed to attend.