The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is currently holding a three-days workshop on pig management.

Participants of the workshop are from different provinces across the country.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop today, the Ambassador for Taiwan Embassy, George Chan, said the workshop is aiming to improve skills and knowledge of pig farming.

Mr. Chan said that the despite various livestock development projects that have started in Solomon Islands, raising pigs remains one of successful livestock activities in the country.

"This is because of the importance pigs have in the Melanesian culture and Solomons tradition," he stated.

"As you are all aware, pigs are a token of wealth, tributes of compensation, cooperation and reconciliation, and gifts for wedding ceremonies, festivals and funerals as well for consumption but more importantly, pigs are animals which boost cash income and create more working chances in rural areas," Mr. Chan said.

He pointed out that pigs are animals which can boost cash income and create more working chances in the rural areas.

The workshop was informed that the Taiwan Technical Mission, TTM, based in Honiara, started the pig raising project three years ago, which has helped numerous farmers throughout the provinces to improve their raising skill, management, knowledge, disease prevention as well as productivity.

Mr. Chan revealed that within the three years of research and testing, TTM has found the best breed of pigs and the most suitable formulated feeds in Solomon Islands.

"The cross-bred pigs, large-white plus Durok introduced by TTM, have proved the benefits of bigger sizes, shorter fattening process, high disease-resistance and thin back meat under 2.5 cm," he stated.

Mr. Chan highlighted that the cross-bred pig, large-white plus Durok, will greatly help the piggery industry nationwide.

The Taiwanese Ambassador, Mr. Chan, acknowledged the Taiwan Technical Mission for their efforts and contributions in making pig farming project a success over the past two decades.

TTM had cooperated closely with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in agricultural and livestock production.