Taiwan's solar power giant, MOTECH Industries, has indicated that it is willing to assist Solomon Islands solve its power problem.

President of MOTECH, Luke Cheng, told Solomon Islands Minister for Provincial Government and Constituency Development and the Secretary to the Prime Minister, during a meeting at the company's headquarters in Taipei yesterday.

Mr Cheng said MOTECH was one of the top ten producers of solar cells in the world and was willing to assist Solomon Islands with the provision of a reliable power service if requested.

"We are willing to help your country solve its power problem as soon as possible. We can joint venture with any local company to design and install a solar power system for your country."

"I am ready to provide any training and technology that Solomon Islands needs to improve its standard of living because power is the key to any development activity."

He said solar power electrification was a cheaper and environmentally friendly source of power and was suitable for countries enjoying relatively more sunshine like Solomon Islands.

Mr Cheng said the introduction of solar power electrification throughout Solomon Islands would save the country from spending much money from the costly importation of fossil fuel.

Taiwan's ambassador to Solomon Islands, His Excellency George Chan, who accompanied the Solomon Islands delegation to the meeting said that the current Sogavare government had a policy in place for the development of solar power electrification.

Mr Chan said that the policy, if implemented, would see a certain percentage of the Taiwanese-funded Rural Constituency Development Fund set aside for the development of solar power electrification.

He said he was now waiting for cabinet to decide on the amount of money to be set aside from the RCDF for the development of the sun-powered electrification system.

The delegation left Taipei yesterday and is now transiting in Singapore on their way back home to Solomon Islands.