Taiwan has released the remaining Rural Constituency Micro Project and Millennium Development Funding for 2010 to the Solomon Islands Government.

Prime Minister Danny Philip received the funds totaling SBD$30 million dollars from the Republic Of China's Ambassador George Chan.

The Government Communications Unit reports that for the first time ever, the funds will be transferred directly to constituency bank accounts and not to personal accounts of Members of Parliament.

It says the Constituency Development Officer C-D-O in each constituency will be charged with the administration and management of the funds.

The C-D-O will also be responsible for the submission of full acquittal reports to the Ministry of Rural Development on how the funds have been expended.

The Members of Parliament will still have to endorse project proposals from their respective constituencies.

Meanwhile, Government Communications Unit says the Government is in the process of finalizing a position paper on how future R-O-C funding support to Solomon Islands will be administered.

The paper is expected to be deliberated on by Cabinet shortly.

It will outline how R-O-C funding support to Solomon Islands from 2011 and onwards will be administered and utilised.

The Communications Unit says R-O-C will not release any funding in 2011 until the position paper is concluded and agreed to by both governments.