Republic of China, Taiwan, has released funds for 15 rural community projects worth nearly SB$8 million dollars to Prime Minister Danny Philip in Honiara late yesterday afternoon.

The projects were submitted by people in rural communities to the ROC Embassy in Honiara through the Office of the Prime Minister.

In a brief handover ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office, ROC Ambassador Roy Wu said the projects range from small businesses, solar energy, transportation, livestock, tourism and fishery.

Mr Wu explained that the funding is an "extra aid to further assist rural communities in Solomon Islands and does not belong to the budget of Rural Support Community Development Fund."

He said ROC has been fully supportive of the Solomon Island Governments to rural based policy which seeks to enhance rural advancement.

Ambassador Wu said ROC would continue to support the Government's policy to advance the development of rural villagers in order to help the alleviation of poverty and improve the quality of life for rural people.

Prime Minister Danny Philip said the direct funding of 15 projects to rural communities would bring genuine benefit to many rural communities and enhance rural villagers' welfare.