Taiwan Ambassador, His Excellency George Chan, handed over a supply of medical equipment and medicines worth SBD$800,000 to the National Referral Hospital yesterday morining.

Ambassador Chan said the medical supply sent all the way from Taiwan was a token of the friendly and cordial relationship between his country and Solomon Islands.

He said Taiwan was always concerned about the health of Solomon Islanders and this was symbolized by its ongoing assistance in the health and medical sector.

Mr Chan said that Taiwan was a member of a responsible global community and would continue to uphold the motto 'health for all'.

The diplomat also announced the arrival of another Taiwanese medical team from the National Referral's sister hospital in Taiwan, the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital.

The new medical team comprising a kidney disease specialist, a plastic surgeon, a dentist, a dermatologist and surgeon was present at the medical equipment and medicine hand-over ceremony.

He said he was sure many patients needing urgent surgery would benefit from their volunteer medical services as well as those requiring pain relief medicines.

The medical team will be providing specialist medical services in Honiara and Munda, Western Province for a month.

Mr Chan also announced that work on the fourth phase of the Taiwanese-funded National Referral Hospital project will commence soon.