Doctors and Nurses of the Taiwan Health Center in Solomon Islands will be extending their medical service assistance to a rural hospital.

The medical officers will be providing free professional and medical services to North Guadalcanal residents working in collaboration with the Good Samaritan Hospital located in the Guadalcanal plains every Wednesdays.

The free medical service began on the 15th of October and has shown to have eased the shortage of medical manpower in the newly-established rural hospital.

"The local people from isolated villages, in the end are the beneficiaries from Taiwan's assistance," says Dr. Chen.

Dr. Chen, Hsien-Ching, the chief of Taiwan Health Center who replaced Dr. Chang Shiou at the center said the medical work in Solomon Islands is quite different.
Dr. Chen arrived in the country on 27th of September and points out that the relations between National Referral Hospital (NRH) and Taiwan Health Center have been established well during Dr. Chang's one year tenure.

"The doctors and nurses from NRH often come to our center for consultations. Therefore, it is time to extend Taiwan's professional medical service to the rural area. The people who cannot reach the NRH deserve the professional and free medical services, since health care is the basic human right," said Dr. Chen.

Dr. Chen said the provision of medical service by Taiwan Health Center underlines the commitment from ROC (Taiwan) to Solomon Islands in health sector.

"Taiwan cares about the health of Solomon Islands' people, and is more than willing to work with the Solomon Island Government to improve the medical environment and service quality in this country."

Taiwan Health Center was established in October 2007. The MOU regarding the establishment of the Center was signed by Hon. Johnson Koli and Dr. Hou, Sheng-mou in March 2008.

Dr. Chen is the current chief of the center, and Ms. Pan is the nurse. Their tenure will last the mid December 2008.

Source: National Express