Speaker of Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Honourable Wang Jin-Pyng co-host a handover ceremony with Solomon Islands Minister of Health and Medical Services, Johnson Koli of 30 new wheelchairs to Solomon Islands Red Cross Society and National Referral Hospital.

The handover coincides with the nation's 30th Independence anniversary.

Hon. Wang who is in the Solomons to celebrate the country's anniversary said the donations worth more than 60,000 SBD is a gift delivered with "a message with love from the people of Taiwan".

In a ceremony Monday at the Taiwan Technical Mission, Hon. Wang highlighted that the world is threatened by many natural disasters and illnesses.

He stressed on the need to "help each other and work together" to cope with the matter.

"A wheelchair is essential for people with mobility disability to move freely with more dignity both in work and life," Hon. Wang said. "It is hoped ... for every person who received a wheelchair more freedom and independent and has a happy new life".

Hon. Wang told the ceremony that "Solomon Islands is Taiwan's staunch ally [and] the two countries have had a historical friendship."

In response, Minister Koli said that Hon. Wang's visit signified the strong and cordial diplomatic relationship between ROC Taiwan and Solomon Islands.

He acknowledged ROC Taiwan for its continuous assistance in the health and medical sectors for the people of Solomon Islands.

Secretary General of Solomon Islands Red Cross Society, Nancy Jolo, and Chief Executive Officer of National Referral Hospital, Douglas Ete, expressed their gratitude to ROC Taiwan, Eden Social Foundation, and all involved in the management of the assistance.